Music City Multiples

Founded in 2017, Music City Multiples is a non-profit, membership-based community for parents, guardians, and expecting parents of twins, triplets, and higher order multiples in the greater Nashville area. We make it our mission to provide support, friendship, and education to our members. Newly expecting, or 10 years in, we understand how overwhelming life with multiples can be. MCM prides itself on providing the support you need at any stage. Music City Multiples was founded on the belief that it takes a village. Whether your personal village is big, small, or nonexistent, we know that there are no other parents who get it quite like a parent of multiples. No matter how you’re looking to connect, we offer many ways to be involved. From regularly scheduled playdates, Mom outings, club parties, educational events and more, there is something for you here!

For the Kids

When you have multiples, getting the kids out to run errands or even simply for a walk, can be very intimidating. We have ALL been there! We host frequent playdates where you are amongst Moms who understand how hard it is. You’ll see the Moms of the older kids chasing the younger kids, holding a baby for another Mom, and a general camaraderie that you cannot find elsewhere. It’s all hands on deck!

For the Family

Each quarter, Music City Multiples sponsors a large family party. From pumpkin patches to egg hunts, and holiday parties to fun in the summer sun, our family parties are designed with all ages in mind! These events are always a huge success and have over 65+ families in attendance. Parents can even get in on the fun with amazing items in our silent auctions and raffles all while supporting the club.

For the Moms

We host frequent Mom's night outs and Mom's lunches. Scattered throughout the mid-state, these events are a wonderful opportunity to take a break from the kids and connect with other women just like you. We also have a dedicated purge page for all of your buy/sell/trade needs. Being around Moms that ``get it`` will allow you to form many lifelong friendships!

For The Dads

We know that it’s not just the Moms who need our support. Dads need their own communities too! The Dads of MCM have their own Facebook page, have hosted poker nights, football viewing parties, and get togethers where they swap stories of having multiples. We are currently working on making this part of the club even better with MCM couples events!.

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